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A Guide to Healthy Holiday Eating

Holidays can be the most wonderful time of the year, but if you’re trying to stay true to your healthy eating plan, you might start dreading the holiday season, knowing it could be an end to your so-far-successful meal plan. The parties last for weeks, the food seems endless and everyone is splurging, so how do you avoid the pitfall and stick to your meal plan?

Here are 3 tips to help guide you in eating through the holidays.

Plan Ahead

The holidays typically are accompanied by lots of parties and social outings, which means food! And good food. You want to attend the get-togethers, but don’t want to sacrifice your meal plan. While you can’t control the food you’re served there are some things you can control to help keep your eating plan in place.

  • Eat close to your usual times to keep your blood sugar steady. If your meal is served later than normal, eat a small snack at your usual mealtime and eat a little less when dinner is served.
  • Invited to a party? Offer to bring a healthy dish along.
  • If you have a sweet treat, cut back on other carbs (like potatoes and bread) during the meal.
  • Don’t skip meals to save up for a feast. It will be harder to manage your blood sugar, and you’ll be really hungry and more likely to overeat.

If you slip up, don’t sweat it. Get right back to healthy eating with your next meal.

Limit the Trips to the Buffet

When you face a spread of delicious food it can be hard not to pile up your plate. You don’t need to avoid the buffet completely, but there are some safety nets you can set up so you don’t overeat.

  • Have a small plate of the foods you like best and then move away from the buffet table.
  • Start with vegetables to take the edge off your appetite.
  • Eat slowly. It takes at least 20 minutes for your brain to realize you’re full.

Treat Yourself

You don’t have to miss out on the fun holiday foods, have your favorite dessert, cook your favorite dish to share, and enjoy it yourself. It can make it more difficult sometimes to stick to your meal plan if you limit yourself to healthy foods only. Have that slice of pie or stuffing, just make sure to slow down when you’re eating to savor it, have a small serving and only one serving.


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